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Green Monster #5 Historical Web Site

Walk up to any automotive enthusiast, drag racing or not, and mention the name "Green Monster" and they immediately launch into an animated response about the Arfons brothers' twelve cylinder, Allison-powered dragsters that dominated the strips and national speed records during the middle and late 1950's. The they say, "I sure would have liked to have seen one of them for real". Well check out Monster #5!

The Green Monster #5 lives. This historical, missing link from drag racing's early years has been stored away for more than 50 years, in Tucson, Arizona. The Green Monster represents the very origin of the species that evolved into today's professional Top Fuel class.


When Two Vintage Racing Worlds Collide!

May 18-20, 2018

The Green Monster # 5 will be in exhibited at this memorable event. Come hear the cackle!

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Photos courtesy:

Peggy Rowley

Click the Green Monster 5 to read the article from Drag Race Central

Steve Reyes is a drag racing photographer that has been honored for his contribution to drag racing by his induction into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame and as an NHRA honoree at the 2009 California Hot Rod Reunion.


Green Monster #5 Facts
Built in 1955 in Akron, Ohio by Art and Walt Arfons
First Engine: 12 cylinder 733 c.i. Ranger aircraft engine
Second Engine: Allison v12 1710-85 12 cylinder aircraft engine. Liquid cooled and supercharged
Rear end: Two 50"s One ton sections bolted together. Halibrand 3.57 quick change gears,
Races Participated In:
1955 NHRA Nationals , Great Bend Kansas - Top Speed gas class 131 mph with Walt driving
1956 2nd annual NHRA Nationals, Kansas City, Ks.
1957 3rd annual NHRA Nationals, Oklahoma City, Ok.
Ran 157.89 mph at the first International Drag Meet in Chester, S. C., winter of 1957, on pump gas.
1958 4th annual NHRA Nationals, Willy Snyder driving
Drivers: Art & Walt both drove
Driver Accomplishments:
Art Arfons: International Motorsports Hall of Fame, Drag Racing Hall of Fame, three time World Land Speed Record holder.Green Monster VI first car over 150 mph.
Walt Arfons: First jet dragster, World Land Speed Record Holder